Thus, you will avoid the dreaded headache and frustration with the chosen automation.

And speaking of support, another important point is that if something fails along the way, you
are the one who has to go after it to resolve it, if you cannot count on adequate service.
Failures can occur in the tool itself or from the necessary structure to keep the system operating
inside your restaurant. Whatever the situation that presents itself, you must have different
support to answer questions and resolve problems as quickly as possible. With the immense
diversity of tools, the only option to know which one works is to put them to the test, correct?

In truth no! In addition to the previous items, you can evaluate whether the restaurant
program you are purchasing is:
1 – Designed for easy navigation and good usability;
2 – If you deliver the reports you need;
3 – If the system has any advantage for your business;
Software by software, there are many on the market. The important thing is the differentials.
It is necessary to identify whether the management program adapts to your business and needs,
whether it will facilitate your work and that of your team, and whether it provides agility and
innovation for your operation.