Operation of Induction Devices

The engines that act from induction and that present the rotor of the type of squirrel cage are basically composed by two important elements. The first of these consists of a stator, which refers to a magnetic circuit of the electric motor, generally of the grooved type, https://www.mrosupply.com/lubrication/lubrication-accessories/2310220_4035_alemite/ in which the coils are installed, which by means of a suitable connection will produce the rotating magnetic field. The other part is the rotor, which has winding consisting of bars, which may be copper or aluminum, shorted at its ends. The current in the rotor circuit is induced by the action of the rotating field of the stator.

The induction motors in operation mean that the magnetic field formed in the rotor circuit can then chase the rotating field of the stator. At the moment in which the motor is properly energized, it must act as a transformer with the secondary short-circuit, thus requiring a much higher current than the nominal current, which can reach on average eight times the value of it. High starting currents create drawbacks, since they require the dimensioning of cables with diameters much larger than necessary. Some basic specifications of electric machines are of extreme relevance to the study of electrical commands.