The single-phase induction motor can be used in several different situations, but as in the case of refrigerators and fans, it is recommended for loads that are not required by high-power motors. The drive of a single-phase induction motor is done differently when compared to the drive of a three-phase motor. There are several means available for carrying out this task, such as using a starting capacitor driven by an auxiliary winding that is connected in series to a capacitor. There is also the permanent capacitor method, where the auxiliary winding is permanently connected, as is often the case in the case of ceiling fans.


There are several characteristics related to the operation of the single-phase induction motor. It is important to mention that this equipment has a single stator winding. This winding generates a magnetic field that alternates parallel to the alternations of the network. The magnetic field generated by the stator is essential because, when the rotor of the single-phase induction motor is stopped, the magnetic field makes the north-south variation of its polarity, thus generating an induced current in the rotor.